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I ordered two pair of ugg boots for $209 they were having special. Never recieved boots and they charged my credit card.

They claim boots were being shipped. They have no phone number to contact them only email. this company is fraudulent. I ordered boots on December 5, 2010 and on december 9 they emailed me and said boots were shipped.

Have not heard from them since. I contacted my credit card company to try and stop them. When they charged my credit card they used the name bigdealoffashion.

This company is a scam do not order from them. we

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I ordered uggs from uggs outlet. On cradit card statement was another name Deckers inc.

I had never recieved my order. I e-mailed then but no respond.

Only when I filled dispute they try to offer me another color. I refuse it cause I understood they are scams.


You're all *** for buying shoes with such a *** name. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! :zzz


I also ordered two pairs of UGGS on 12/03/10..After I emailed them many times they sent a completely wrong size, color of FAKE UGGS. I also am disputing this and trying to send back. FAKE COMPANY FAKE BOOTS


Another country heard from. No pun intended.

Beware I ordered a pair of uggs the day after Thanksgiving have yet to see them. Right now my bank/visa is investigating. There is a tracking number and they were sure to take the money ou of my account pronto (same day I ordered). What a scam.

Lesson learned. If it seems too good to be true it probably is.

****************** B u y e r. B e w a r e *******************************


i placed an order for ugg boots as a Christmas gift for my daughter on november 30. order #12345 (should have been my first clue).

contacted 5 street outlet december 8 and was told my order had shipped. contacted them again december 20 at which time they provided a carrier and tracking number - invalid. instincts told me this was probably a fraudulent company then, no time to pursue.

today i was told my order will ship within 5 - 10 days.

now the holidays are over, my first step is to contact credit card company, state attorney general's office, BBB, and anyone else i can think of. thankful i kept copies of all correspondence to and from 5th street outlet.


I ordered 3 pair on Nov.26th. Received 2 pair that are fake.

Also in dispute with credit card. Something needs to be done about this SCAM of a place!!


I ordered one pair on 11-29-10. They charged my credit card three times.

When I e-mailed to complain they said I Hit the order button 3 times??? Still have not received them. However I now have three tracking numbers. One is still in Singapore, One shipment has arrived in New York and still in route.

The third is actually tracked to my area post office this morning. Be interesting when I get the first order what they will look like.

The 5th Street Outlet said I had to return the others to get the credit on my card. My payment for all three pairs is currently being disputed by my card company.What a scam!


When you receive the boots, shipped via Airpak Express from Singapore, you will find they are fake. Our pair had a torn seam from poor stitching and a poor quality lining.

They were shipped by Henry Ong, 30 Kaki Bukit road 3, #06-03 Empire Techno Centre, Singapore 418719. Similarly my credit card was charged to bigdealoffashion.

Definitely, this operation is not above board. If anyone has had any success in recovering their money, please let us know.


same thing happened to me..I ordered a pair of uggs 11/30 and never received them..the tracking number I eventually got from them says the boots are still somewhere in singapore...they have 1 month to get me my boots...after that, my credit card investigates the matter .

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